Body & Mind Academy

Project Name: Body & Mind Academy 

Project Duration: October 2020


The objective of the Body & Mind Academy project was to create a program of the yearlong course supporting physical, social, and intellectual activation of people 55+. As a result of the cooperation of four partner institutions, the following were created:

• e-book with scenarios of activation classes to be carried out as part of a stationary course
• web application with exercises that the students conduct as part of the homework with motivational messages for everyday physical, social or intellectual activity (366 messages)
• Video tutorials for trainers showing the use of various motor activities in working with a group

The resulting materials were tested on a regular basis with a group of seniors under the so-called Test Body & Mind Academy. Over a dozen people over 55 years of age participated in the classes. An important element in the implementation of international projects is their universality. This means that the presented content cannot be local in scope, should be understandable for everyone, regardless of nationality or cultural background. It was an interesting challenge for the team to create content. All results have been translated into 5 languages (Polish, English, Hungarian, Greek, and Spanish)

Coordinator:  Lilla House sp. z o.o. (HMU coordinator, Associate Professor Nikolaos Vidakis, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Department)

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