Practical Training

Hellenic Mediterranean Uiversity, accepts foreign students for practical training and offers practical training positions to local enterprises/companies in areas relevant to the field of studies in HMU, such as, practical training in hospitals for students from Departments of Nursing etc.



Complete the Online Registration Form here. You can ask for accommodation at the University Campus, but keep in mind that only a few rooms are available. If your request for accommodation at the Campus is not accepted, you can contact the ESN Community who can help you rent a student house in Crete.


You will receive an email by the Departmental Coordinator in which he will let you know whether you are accepted or not.


Once you are accepted:

  • you must fill the Learning Agreement for Training, sign it, and send it to the appropriate officer of the International Relations Office of HMU – in PDF format / via email.
  • Then we will sign it and send it back to you.
  • If your University asks for a Letter of Acceptance, you can send us an email.
  • One month before your arrival at HMU, you will receive an email with details about the registration day and the orientation week.

The practical training positions offered each semester are regularly posted on the website of HMU International Relations Office. However, we encourage you to contact the Academic Coordinators for requests or further details anytime within the academic year.

Incoming students that visit HMU are supervised by the Academic Coordinators, appointed by the Departments for this purpose. Each student has to keep a weekly diary with a brief description of the tasks and the activities they were involved. The student is obliged to follow the safety rules and working conditions, and any other regulations applicable to the staff of the practical training provider. Unauthorized absences or violation of regulations of the practical training can lead to interruption of the Training Agreement.