Project Name: “SYS – STEM”


Project Duration: 2019 – 2022


The Arduino SYS-STEM for Schools aims to provide teachers of 14-18 yr old students with open access, quality, ready to use didactical materials in electronics, and the digital technology with which they will realize “hands-on” projects in Arduino via access to shared remote ArdLABs.

The Methodology includes an attractive presentation on STEM and electronics today and a complete package of didactical materials in basic electronics using Arduino, including exercises and solutions and guidelines for delivery with different age and competence level learners. The package is accompanied by an invitation to implement the exercises and projects practically, using 4 well equipped remote project partner ArdLABs which can be reserved and connected to via the SYS-STEM ArdLAB hub – an online platform which coordinates and manages reservations and the remote connections. The Methodology will also include an ArdLAB starter Guide for schools or centers who wish to establish their own ArdLAB, with support on how to make this a remote ArdLAB should they wish to share their facilities with other schools and register their ArdLAB with the SYS-STEM ArdLAB hub. The SYS-STEM project will make education more accessible and will support secondary schools and teachers to develop ambitious STEM education. 2 certified trainers from each of the 5 project partner organizations will offer a 20-25 hr. training course for teachers from associated schools in the SYS-STEM Methodology and mentor any interested participating school teachers in testing the materials with their students during the project lifetime.

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